Wednesday, December 2, 2009

o hai

just got back from my most favourite place in the world.
this teeny tiny coffee in Hang Bac, where they serve really, really good coffee at a very cheap price. and the view from the balcony is never boring. I can sit there and people watch the whole day. i like to stay there for hours, reading a good book. or knit. most of the time i like to go there alone, so i can stay as long as i want. if i bring you there, i must really like you.
and i just got some creamy white yarn today. finally i can knit again, i miss knitting so damn much. im knitting a white scarf for myself this time.


  1. I don't remember that little coffee shop's name but is it the one you and me went there together last summer?

  2. Wish I could knit! :)

    Thanks for joining my giveaway Hoa! Hope you get that bottle of Hypnotic Poison.